Monday, August 19, 2019

Conditions ripe for prime Texas dove hunting

While most Texans are sweltering under a brutal August heat wave, savvy dove hunters will gladly suffer along providing conditions don’t change before the Sept. 1 season opener.

A hot, dry landscape heading into the season can concentrate dove around feeding and watering areas, making for excellent hunting, according to wildlife biologists with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In addition to prime conditions heading into the opener, dove populations have thrived this year thanks to the amount and timing of spring rains across most of the state that kicked habitat into high gear for dove breeding season.
“With the abundant highly-preferred dove foods available on the landscape this year, we’re seeing excellent production,” said Owen Fitzsimmons, TPWD dove program leader. “White-winged dove production, in particular, has been very high in the southern half of the state. Plus, many of the states to the north had similar spring habitat conditions, which should result in a strong influx of migrant birds for Texas later in the season. I’m excited about the prospects this season, it should be fantastic.”

Dove hunting is huge in Texas, with a deep culture that spans generations. Each fall, more than 300,000 Texas hunters take to the field where they harvest nearly one third of all mourning doves taken nationwide each year -- on average an estimated 10 million birds -- far more than any other state. While those statistics may appear staggering, consider Texas supports breeding populations of over 34 million mourning and 10 million white-winged doves, and those numbers rise even higher during the fall when birds from northern latitudes funnel south.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Gray GA Dove field lease 120 acres

Gray, Ga Dove field lease

120 acres established dove field for lease for the whole season.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day Lease for Dove Hunting South of Uvalde Southern Zone

The lease is located South of Uvalde in the Southern Zone and is about 15 minutes from town. We will be hunting along the Frio River in what is old farm fields. The cost is $85 per day which includes both morning and evening hunts. If you want to make a weekend out of it we offer a package deal for both Saturday and Sunday hunts for $150. We will only be doing hunts on Saturday and Sunday. Call today to reserve your spot... 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dove Hunting Club - Sealy Area TX

We have ranches with native goat weed and natural flyways in the Sealy and Eagle Lake areas. For the fall/winter hunting seasons, we are offering a very limited number of dove hunting memberships. The cost is $1,000 per member which will entitle you and a guest to make one afternoon dove hunt per week on every weekend of the fall and winter seasons. During the Christmas holidays we will probably make multiple hunts during the week. We have several ranches leased which will be rested during the week to let the doves settle back in. If you are interested, please call

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Special Dove Hunting Opportunities Available for 2019 Season, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Says

California’s dove hunting season is rapidly approaching, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is now accepting applications for dove hunts throughout the state on both public land and private ranches.
Hunters are reminded that nonlead ammunition is now required for hunting doves and taking wildlife anywhere in California with a firearm.

The first half of the split dove season will be open statewide from Sept. 1-15, 2019. The second half will be open statewide from Nov. 9 through Dec. 23, 2019.

For mourning dove and white-winged dove, the daily bag limit is 15, up to 10 of which may be white-winged doves. The possession limit is triple the daily bag limit. There is no limit for spotted dove or ringed dove, but the season dates are the same as for mourning dove and white-winged dove. Eurasian collared-dove is the only dove species that can be hunted year-round, with no bag or possession limit.

Several dove hunting opportunities are available by drawing only throughout California for the upcoming dove season as part of CDFW’s Upland Game and SHARE programs.

Special drawings for public land dove hunting opportunities through the Upland Game Bird Hunting program will be available at the following locations:
  • Merced and Stanislaus counties: North Grasslands Wildlife Area (China Island and Salt Slough units), Los Banos Wildlife Area
  • Sacramento County: Cosumnes River Preserve
  • Fresno County: Pilibos Unit of the Mendota Wildlife Area
  • San Diego County: San Felipe Wildlife Area
  • San Luis Obispo County: North Chimineas Ranch, Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve
Drawings for limited public access to private lands through the SHARE Program will be available at the following locations:
  • Santa Barbara County: Harrington Farms, Jones Ranch and Sleepy Creek Ranch
  • Tulare County: Hart Ranch
Hunters can apply for these opportunities online, at CDFW license sales offices, through retail license agents or by calling (800) 565-1458.
Additional information can be found at and
Source: CDFW

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Leasing Fields for 2019 Dove Season

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is seeking fields to lease for the upcoming 2019 dove season. The first segment of dove season opens at noon on Sunday, September 1st.
Mourning doves are a popular game bird and one of the most widely distributed and abundant birds in North America. More mourning doves are harvested than all other migratory bird species combined in 39 of the continental states. In Tennessee, an estimated 19,000 hunters harvested approximately 334,000 mourning doves last year.
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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Missouri Department of Conservation will host a FREE dove hunting clinic Aug. 31 for adults and youth ages 8-15

Free dove hunting classes will be offered in Williamsburg for first-time hunters.

The Missouri Department of Conservation will host a dove hunting clinic Aug. 31 for adults and youth ages 8-15 at the Prairie Fork Conservation Area. At the clinic, participants will learn the basics of dove biology and management, regulations, safety and ethics. They'll also get hands-on experience at shooting doves in flight.

"Dove hunting is fun for all ages and an exciting way to introduce new hunters to the outdoors," MDC wildlife biologist Ben Diekmann said.

 Participants who attend the clinic Aug. 31 will then enjoy a dove hunt on opening morning of dove season Sunday, Sept. 1. Participants must attend the clinic in order to join the Sunday hunt.

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