Friday, August 4, 2023

620 acre DOVE and other game hunting and fishing sub-lease north of Stratford Oklahoma (Stratford, Oklahoma)

620 acre hunting and fishing property for 5 long term adult hunters. This property has a good whitetail population with some trophy class buck in the area. Lots of natural protein and spring feed ponds and running creeks. Great cover and terrain, wild black berry thickets and tall timber lines. Youth hunters ok. Family type hunting lease. 

Great deer hunting and with some wild hog and predator hunting. Dove and waterfowl. Great year round water sources on this ranch. 

Camping is allowed during deer season and some off season fishing and hog and predator hunting.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties 

640 acre hunting lease East of Childress, Texas (Goodlett, Tx) Dove

640 acre hunting Property for 4 long term hunters only. Youth hunters ok.

Deer, Turkey, Wild hog, Dove and Predator hunting. Great year round water sources on this ranch. Mostly whitetail but some good mule deer possible. Great camping area with power and water possible.



** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties 


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Day dove lease on Pecos river

Day dove lease on Pecos river about 7 miles out of Barstow. 100 a gun two gun minimum. Have fema trailer for overnight stays.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties 


Dove Hunting Lease in Spur, Tx

Starting 10/1/23.


3,334 Contiguous Acres Located in Kent County, Tx. This property just changed hands in 2023 after being in the same family for about 10 years. It has been operated as a cow/calf ranch, but has a lot of hunting opportunity, as the land and wildlife has been managed conservatively and thoughtfully. Many mesquites have been sprayed, and there is some ex-CRP. This property is unique for a multitude of reasons. First-Elevation Change. Approximately 250’ of elevation change provides tons of glassing opportunity, multiple hunters, and a great opportunity for western spot and stalk style hunting. Secondly, The water system on the ranch(water wells) is extensive and abundant. This keeps wildlife living on the ranch. Also, with Little Red Mud Creek and its fingers traversing through, there are seasonal water pockets that provide additional drinking water as well as offering additional contour. Thirdly, there is both power and water off the all-weather access county road, where there could be as many RV hookups as desired. There is also a foreman’s quarters which could potentially be included. Fourth, the cover on this ranch is ideal with mostly mature mesquite and hackberry trees, as well as cottonwoods that line the creek bottoms. Blind hunting is exceptional as well, as there are many clearings to have potential food plots/feeders/leave as open pasture.

Wildlife: White-tailed deer, few mule deer, turkey, dove, quail, hogs, varmints.

Location: Distance to Lubbock is under 70 miles, Abilene is approximately 100 miles, Midland is approximately 140 miles, and the western edges of Fort Worth are approximately 250 miles. Drive 10 minutes to spur to get all your basic needs. There are also towns like Post, Dickens, Rotan, Clairemont, and Jayton that are much closer and that provide additional dining and amenities.

Pricing: $65,000.00-Annually-(Hunting)

Hunting Terms: Hunters will have year-round access to the entire ranch. Hunters may bring identified family and friends-10 registered hunters max.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties